The Original Stern Hold Down Clip for Harvester Cutting Blades.

The first major improvement in cutter hold down clips in many years:

Increases Harvesting Efficiency

Prevents "plugging up" up of sickle bar between sections, ledger plates and hold down clips.

Reduces breakage and wear of sections, guards, hold down clips and wear plates.

Clip tension is quickly and easily adjusted in the field with a 1/2 inch wrench.

Reduces down time to a minimum when cleaning sickle bars.

The Investment that pays for itself

Stern Clips last more than three times longer than traditional hold down clips.

Maintenance costs more than 75% while maintaining the best of operating conditions.

How the Stern Clip Works
By turning the ADJUSTMENT BOLT one-quarter turn in either direction spring tension on clip is completely released permitting quick, easy removal of sickle bar for repair or replacement without removing hold down clips, etc. from cutter bar.
I mowed in fifth gear since installing STERN clips and they are the best investment I ever made.
I mowed 200 acres of wild prairie hay that is ten times tougher than alfalfa hay and they work great.
I mowed over 200 acres of alfalfa without sharpening the sickle blades.
Stern Clips on a Cutting Bar
The Original Stern Clip
Made in The U.S.A.